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Unsuccessful Broadband Orders

Advice on what to do if your broadband order is unsuccessful.

If your broadband order is unsuccessful because you have an incompatible product or service on the line, but you are unsure what this means, call BT customer services on 150. They should be able to tell you which product or service is preventing your broadband order.

You may still be able to get broadband. Click the product that matches the one on your line to see potential ways for you to enjoy broadband.

  1. Subscriber Private Metering
  2. 30k Loop
  3. Leased Lines
  4. ISDN (all types)
  5. redcare
  6. redcare abc, redcare isdn, redline
  7. FeatureNet 5000 services
  8. PBX and AUX lines
  9. Caller Display Unit - CD50 & CD1500

Incompatible BT product Description Solution
Subscriber Private Metering
Allows customers to monitor the cost of telephone calls as they progress.
Removal of service followed by re-application or install a new telephone line for broadband.
30k Loop
A service that lets you move your telephone number outside the range served by the original area code.
Install a new telephone line for broadband.
Leased Lines
Dedicated private connection to the Internet.
Install a new telephone line for broadband.
ISDN (all types)
Digital telephone service, such as BT Home Highway, providing faster Internet connection than traditional analogue telephone systems.
We will arrange for a BT engineer to convert your ISDN line to a broadband enabled phone line. This will cost £50 inc VAT and is paid separately to BT.
A security alarm system that contacts the emergency services using a telephone line based signal.
Contact your alarm system supplier and ensure that a redcare Modem Compatibility Device is fitted, then re-order broadband.
red abc, redcare isdn and redline
Variants of the redcare service that provide monitoring and management information.
Remove service and re-order broadband or order a new phone line for broadband.
FeatureNet 5000 services
Virtual phone management system that provides companies with telecommunication and data services over a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Install a new telephone line for broadband.
PBX and AUX lines
Telephone systems and services commonly found in medium to large businesses.
Install a new telephone line (not on the PBX/AUX) for broadband.
Caller Display Unit – CD 50 and CD 1500
Device used to display the number of incoming calls.
Remove device then re-order broadband or install a new telephone line for broadband.

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