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Virus Infection

If you receive emails, you are at risk from computer viruses that may at the very least cause you annoyance. Learn how you can keep your computer free from virus infection.

It doesn’t take much to expose yourself to computer viruses. By simply receiving emails or downloading files online, you increase the risk of picking up one or more. Strains vary from posing relatively low risks to proving quite harmful to your computer.

Computer viruses - what are they?

Viruses are programs designed to enter your computer without your knowledge or permission. Most attach themselves to other files in order to copy themselves. They can then spread to other computers, via email or file transfer.

How can I stop my computer becoming infected?
There are many free or low-cost anti-virus programs, designed to protect your computer from infection which can be downloaded.

Viruses and email attachments
Viruses are most commonly spread via email attachments. This is why you should setup your anti-virus software to automatically scan emails.

Before opening an email attachment ask yourself three questions:

  1. Is the email from a trusted source?
  2. Does the attachment filename end with ".exe", ".ini", ".bat", ".pif". ".vbs"? These are executable files that can launch dangerous programs.
  3. Does the attachment’s icon look like an executable (program) file?

If an attachment is suspicious – delete it!


Use anti-virus software and always have it running.
Update your virus software's virus encyclopedia regularly. New viruses are being found repeatedly, therefore if your software isn’t up-to-date it won’t find and destroy them all.  
View our Virus News for daily virus updates.
View or run email attachments unless you’re happy that they’re safe.  
Run software downloaded from obscure websites, or through file sharing applications without first checking the file for viruses. These sources are notorious for providing virus or Trojan infected files.

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