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Keep your computer safe and secure with Metonet's built-in firewall system.

It’s not until you have broadband that you realise just how open you can be to all kinds of attempted exploits and attacks. Our personal firewall provides a quick and easy way to add a layer of protection to your broadband connection.

With just a single click you can benefit from an extra level of protection for which many providers charge extra.

Find this feature by logging into the Services Summary page in the Metronet Member Centre. Click the 'View Details' link next to your broadband service. Then click 'Firewall Settings' at the top of the new page. You can now change between any of the settings. Please disconnect and re-connect your broadband connection for the change to work.

Simple 'Blindfolded' Setup

If you are unsure about which setting to choose, the best thing to do is to try them in the following order:

Order of priority Ruleset name VPN client compatible

VPN server compatible

1 Block incoming connections No (PPTP Yes) No
2 Block privileged ports No (PPTP Yes) No (PPTP Yes)
3 Block commonly abused ports Yes Yes
4 Disable the Metronet Firewall Yes Yes

If you notice any problems then move on to the next setting. The list above assumes you are not running any servers on your broadband connection such as a web or email server. If you are then we recommend you use a hardware firewall.

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