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With Webmail you can check and send email from anywhere in the world, all you need is a web browser.

Find out more about accessing, sending and managing your email from anywhere in the world with Webmail.

Accessing Webmail

Visit to access your Webmail service and enter your username and password. (The username and password you chose during signup).

If you're unsure which username you should use read our Username Guide

Once logged in you will see that Webmail has two parts:

The left frame: This lists your Webmail folders and lets you navigate between them.

The right frame: This is where you handle any emails you send and receive.

webmail layout

The top bar displays a row of choices:

  • Compose - Make and send emails.
  • Addresses - Lists the email addresses contained in your personal address book.
  • Folders - Delete, create, rename, subscribe, and unsubscribe folders.
  • Options - Change how your Webmail responds and looks.
  • Search - Use this tool to search through a mailbox.
  • Help - Further help with using your Webmail.

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