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Mobile Phone Email Guide

The latest mobile phone technology gives you full email access, allowing you to stay connected on the move.

Using email on your mobile handset is easy, and there are two ways to get connected - direct access or GPRS.

Direct Access
Connect directly to Metronet using the standard dialup number. This method doesn't need a GPRS mobile phone service, but only supports slow connection speeds.

GPRS Access
Connect using high-speed access, available through the latest mobile phones. GPRS connection speeds vary, depending on factors such as your location and the number of subscribers.

Note: For GPRS access, you may need to use your phone provider's outgoing mailserver in order to send email from your phone (receiving email should be unrestricted).

What you need
To get access to full Metronet email you need either a 'smartphone' or a PDA (Personal Data Assistant). A smartphone supports GPRS technology, giving you a higher speed connection. This opens the door to fast email, web browsing and many other Internet activities. PDA’s can connect through a compatible smartphone (usually using bluetooth) or wireless network.

As well as a suitable handset, you will also need a mobile service that provides access to the Internet using GPRS.

Setting up your handset
The range of mobile handsets is huge, with each having its own setup requirements. We cannot provide guidance on setting up every type of mobile phone, but we can offer general advice that can be applied to most handsets.

The information below will help you setup your phone for mobile access. You should consult your mobile telephone manual or userguide to confirm what information you need and where to apply it.

Email settings required for mobile access
Setting Details

Incoming (POP3) server

Outgoing (SMTP) server

Email address

Email username

(your mailbox name)

Email password

(your mailbox password)

DNS - primary

DNS - secondary

Note: if you connect over GPRS using your telephone provider you may need to use their outgoing (SMTP) server in order to send emails.

Check the website of your mobile telephone or service provider - many now have pages that provide service loads, automatically updating your phone settings for you.

Make the most of your mobile's email software. You can limit the download of emails to just message headers or setup and use an extra mailbox for when you're on the move.

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